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Huawei: No-one ever asked us to help them spy on people

Make of it what you will, given that Huawei was founded by an ex-Chinese-military engineer and has had lots of mud thrown at it from the West, but the telecoms equipment firm maintains it’s never been leaned on by any government or agency anywhere, ever.

In the foreword to a security white paper released on Friday, Huawei deputy chairman Ken Hu said the firm had never been asked to change hardware or software, provide access to its technology, or offer up people’s data. That’s certainly a poke in the eye for companies operating in the U.S., which have to abide by the CALEA backdoor rules and cooperate with surveillance programs.

6 Responses to “Huawei: No-one ever asked us to help them spy on people”

  1. A J Human

    That’s what I would say if I was engineering back doors in my products for the Chinese government/military and this fact was hurting business. These are sneaky, evil people who lie for a living. Only a fool would believe this tripe and purchase Huawei products.

  2. Datacenterguy

    That’s because if the NSA wants to snoop on your activities, they don’t need to modify Huawei’s hardware OR software. They just install a third party device that accomplishes that.

    I’m sorry, but where this article is correct it’s irrelevant.