Google shares soar above $1,000 a share


Google (s GOOG) as a company is in transition, going from pure-play search and advertising to one that is more diversified and makes devices, provides video entertainment to the planet and powers majority of world’s smartphones. The recent quarterly (Q3 2013) earnings reflected that shift, and apparently Wall Street investors liked what they saw. The shares for the Mountain View, Calif-based company jumped $112 a share or shade over 12 percent are now trading over $1,000 and the company has a market value of over $334 billion.

Google sure has come a long way from 2004, when it took baby steps into the public markets. “At its closing price of just above $100 yesterday, Google is valued at a bubbly $27 billion,” wrote The New York Times. The stock has grown almost ten times in less than ten years it has been public. The company it seems is only getting started with its second act — mobile. Apple (s AAPL), its main competitor in smartphones, is trading above $500 at $508.67 a share and carries a market capitalization of $462 billion. Here is a look at Google’s stock over the years.

GOOG Chart

GOOG data by YCharts

Featured image courtesy Shutterstock user Tyler Olson.

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