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The agriculture business is “a sleeping giant” for companies building the internet of things

Silicon Valley is about 100 miles or so from California’s Central Valley, which is among the larger agricultural regions in the U.S. The technology that’s being developed and refined by the Bay is increasingly being used inland by farmers that want to bring the power of data to agriculture, said Lance Donny, founder and CEO of OnFarm Systems.

OnFarm, which is located in the heart of the Central Valley in Fresno, is helping farmers and agricultural consultants place sensors in the field and gather data that could help them make projections about weather or pest infections. “Farmers are more connected than you think,” Donny said at GigaOM’s Mobilize conference, acknowledging that wireless connectivity can be a problem in rural areas but that things have gotten a lot better over the past few years.

This is a huge opportunity for companies that are building devices and services around the internet of things, Donny said. “The ag business is a sleeping giant,” and somebody’s going to capitalize on the opportunity.

Check out the rest of our Mobilize 2013 coverage here, and a video embed of the session follows below:

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3 Responses to “The agriculture business is “a sleeping giant” for companies building the internet of things”

  1. I want to be a part of the high-tech food business.
    There is no reason people cannot go vegan. There is no need to breed & torture billions of animals each year for protein to feed people. Outlaw meat for humans.

    We need to invest billions of dollars in developing & mass producing protein/meat in the laboratory so that we can feed millions of cats, dogs and other carnivores without having to breed other animals who want & deserve to live just as much as the carnivores do.

    First, some ground rules about ANY technology.
    No technology can get around finite limits.
    No technology can get around entropy & the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.

  2. Matthew Macfarlane

    OnFarm helps the farmer. Agworld ( helps the whole Ag value chain from field to agronomist to applicator to distributor to chemical/seed supplier and beyond.

    I heart Ag and Tech… such an awesome $3tn market with so few major players.