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Still having problems with iOS 7? Try one of these reset options

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With so many configuration options available to iOS 7, one could easily make a change that causes the device to perform poorly. And remembering every change you have made since you first started using you device may be a bit of a challenge: sometimes your iPhone or iPad just needs to get back to more familiar factory settings.

But completely restoring the device back to the way things were when you first took it out of the box is not always convenient. The following will outline some of the more practical and less time-consuming options you can try first in order to get things back to normal.

Try these simple reset solutions first

Reset Options for iOS 7

Toggle Airplane Mode – One of the easiest solutions to try when you are having trouble accessing the internet is to simply toggle the Airplane Mode. This will disconnect the device from all network connections and power off the internal radios. Sometimes you may notice that when you turn Airplane Mode of and re-connect, the number of bars will increase or you may connect to a faster LTE network. You may even notice your Wi-Fi download speeds increase; that is, of course, if there was a problem with your network connection.

Close or delete misbehaving apps – With automatic downloads enabled, you may not know when one of your favorite apps has been updated. Sometimes these updates can cause issues with the normal operating behavior of the app. Closing and re-launching the app will often clear up most issues. Double-click the home button, swipe side to side through all open apps, then swipe up on the app you want to close. When you relaunch the app and the problem still exists, you may need to delete and re-download the app. This may cause the app to lose all of its data, depending on how the developer built the app. Some apps store their data in iCloud, while others do not. Downloading a fresh install of an app following an update is often recommended by the developer.

Power off and hard reset – iPhones and iPads are designed to always be on, but sometimes you just need to clear out the memory and start things over again by powering off the device. This is accomplished by holding down the sleep/wake button located at the top right of the device until you see a power off slider. Then slide to power off. There are times when the device will not power off. At such times you will need to hold down both the home button and the sleep/wake button at the same time for at least six seconds until the device forces a power off. This is referred to as a “hard reset”. Once powered off, hold down the sleep/wake button again until you see the Apple logo signifying that the device is powering on again.

Reset solutions for specific problems

Reset Options for iOS 7

Change voicemail password – When restoring from a backup, swapping out a SIM card or switching to a new device, losing access to your phone’s voicemail is more common an occurrence than you may think. You may be prompted to enter your voicemail password, if you remember it. If you do not, you can change your password by selecting Change Voicemail Password, located in the Phone section of the Settings app. If this does not work for you, you may need to contact your cellular provider to reset your voicemail password from their end.

Clearing mobile Safari caches – It is not very often that you have issues with Safari. But if you are having difficulty accessing a site that you have been to before, or Safari keeps crashing when you are viewing a known safe site, then perhaps you just need to clear out your history and cookies and data. From within the Settings app, go to the section titled Safari. Here you will find two options, Clear History and Clear Cookies and Data. Additionally you can go into the Advanced settings and Remove All Website Data. Keep in mind that using this advanced setting will remove any locally stored data accessed by any web apps you use online.

iTunes account issues – When using any of the apps that access any of your iTunes media, you may experience issues accessing app updates, viewing prior purchases, playing back music or videos, reading iBooks or accessing either your iTunes Match or Home Shared libraries. The solution may be as simple as logging off and back on to your iTunes account. To do this, go to the iTunes & App Store section of the Settings app. Tap on the Apple ID that you have used to access iTunes. In the dialog that pops up, tap on “Sign Out”. Now all you need to do is enter your Apple ID and sign back in.

When all else fails, return to factory settings

Reset Options for iOS 7

Reset network settings – For other genuinely odd behaviors that apps may exhibit you can try to reset your network settings. This can help with data requests, un-expected logouts, and general performance of some of the more network dependent apps. Located in the Settings app under the General category, all the way at the bottom of the list is a section titled Reset. Here you will find the Reset Network Settings option. Keep in mind that performing this operation will erase all Wi-Fi network settings, so you will need to set up your connections again. Try this first before doing something that will take you more effort to recover from; the odd behaviors this reset fixes may surprise you.

Reset all settings – There are a few other reset options in the General section of the settings app. You will find the “Reset Keyboard Dictionary”, which will remove all of the custom terms you have entered into the auto-correct dictionary, “Reset Home Screen Layout” which will re-organize all of your apps on your home screen, and “Reset Location & Privacy”, which will return all of your location and privacy settings back to their factory defaults. Then there is the “Reset All Settings” option. While this will not delete any of your apps, media files or data, it will remove all of the configurations you have made on the device and return them back to factory default settings. This includes network setting as well as email account settings.

Erase all content and settings – Before attempting this last and final reset option, be sure to back up your device. Additionally, be sure to move all photos and other media off of your device for safe keeping. This reset option will return your device to the way it was when you first bought it. It is very likely that a trip to the Genius bar at an Apple retail store, or a call into AppleCare will result in having to execute this option. That is why the first thing you will be asked is if you have recently performed a complete backup. When the operation is complete, you will be given a chance to either restore from a previous backup, or start over fresh as a new device.

44 Responses to “Still having problems with iOS 7? Try one of these reset options”

  1. Wildwestpat

    Look at the thread iOS7 Safari crashes. As a minimum Apple need to revert users to iOS6 until they have got the bugs out of iOS7. To keep using the owners of their hardware to debug the software is I am afraid the action of a sinking enterprise.

  2. Hmm … I know that 7 is quite different than 6, but its not that bad. In the end, most of forget its a phone, with other stuff bolted on.

    If you want a phone, but a phone, if you want a computer buy that.

    P.T. Barnum “you can’t please all of the all of the time .. so the [email protected] with it”.

    People, its just a phone, when one day the Droid upsets you, I guess you can always turn to Blueberry.

  3. In my iPhone 4S when I missed the call, new screen appears with option” <Back, Do you want to send an SMS?, Cancel, Accept " if immediately I respond on this option then it works other wise if I missed and forget to respond on this and just have another missed call on that time with same screen page my iphone go to hang mode and I can't do anything in iPhone until I restart the phone…..
    I have have already updated my iPhone to 7.0.4 but also I am facing same problem……..
    If any body have solution please provide me ……

  4. Just a very straightforward comment: I too waited before I updated to iOS7 to see how it worked. After hearing initial raves from family and friends I went ahead and updated and have regretted it ever since. I have confidence that Apple will own up to the Ill operateing software update and get it fixed soon… Please? Very soon?

  5. i flew to the USA today from Canada. When I powered up my phone I get no service. my settings were on automatic and it came up with no carriers so i changed it to manual and AT&T came up and T-Mobile. when I clicked on them a message came up saying Network lost.
    Does anyone know how to get service?

  6. Diane Quadling

    I didn’t intend to upgrade for the very reasons you give above but I accidently said yes by mistake I sooooooooooooooooooooooo wish I hadn’t. I have had nothing but trouble. I am an Apple fan but these issues with the update are trying my patience. Come on Apple please sort it out quickly. Everyone who hasn’t upgraded yet……………….. DON’T!

  7. Dan Jakubik

    I purchased my first iPhone during early 2009 and have NEVER experienced iOS crashes like this before. I must say I’m surprised and disappointed. iOS has long been considered one of the best mobile operating systems designed for public use. I’m using a current 5th generation Apple device, so system crashes after an iOS update should not be occurring. I simply updated from iOS 6 to iOS 7 and then the crashes began. It’s obvious what the cause is here. I’m wondering if I can return to iOS 6, with my 5th generation iPod touch. iOS 7 is becoming a headache and is beginning to look like the infamous Windows Vista operating system of the past decade. I expected better from Apple.
    My iPod touch 16GB 5th generation as now crashed for the fifth time, since updating to iOS7. All crashed occurred while running known safe applications, including ones pre-installed by Apple. The fifth crash occurred during music file playback. The music file was purchased and downloaded from iTunes.

    Since owning my first iPhone of 2009, I’ve never experienced operating system crashes like this before. It’s obvious there’s some significant compatibility issues with iOS 7. A new generation operating system is causing crashes and malfunctions on present generation Apple devices. As an Apple admirer and enthusiast of six years, I consider iOS7 to be a misstep and embarrassment for Apple, a company known for originality, forward thinking and innovation. iOS 7 is considered to be the most visual departure to iOS during it’s six year history.

    Surprisingly, iOS 7 has borrowed heavily from it’s two main competitors: Android and Windows. Such uncharacteristic behavior from Apple. From my perspective, iOS 7 is overdone and un-original. Apple had better come up with fixes soon and apologize. Frequent operating system crashes are completely unacceptable.

    Dan Jakubik / Glenview, Illinois

  8. I have had nothing but problems since upgrading my iphone 4 to ios7. I have never seen such a turd come out of Apple before. I want to smash my iphone in to 10,000 pieces with a hammer and mail it back to Apple in a f;in baggie.

  9. Terry Aguillard

    Screen went grey with a lighter oval center.
    I had to do a “Hard Power Off”. (IPhone 4)
    Turned the power back on and my screen is flickering…
    How do I fix this?

  10. I loaded a quite complicated password, thinking it was only for occasional use, but find I need it every 15 minutes if I pause for a bite, etc

    Any way to reset that password?


  11. Visually I am ok with it, but in terms of performance, it’s the worst IOS version i’ve come accross with.
    Actually worse than other mobile OS’s out there.
    Cannot believe my eyes, such a downgrade.
    W8 mobile is far better than this

  12. I’m having major issues with deleting voice messages. When I finally manage to get one deleted it comes back. It’s taken up to 7 tries to finally keep it gone. This started with the newest OS. It’s very irritating!

  13. Orquidea

    iam thoroughly disappointed with the new ios7, i have had my iphone 4 for over 2 years, never experienced as many problems as now. What is the point of having no WIFI availability on my smartphone? Frustrating! What will Apple do to solve these problems? Android, here i come!

  14. …and the moral of all the above is?
    Never be the first or in a hurry to upgrade. Always wait at least a couple of months for it to settle down and the glitches to be sorted. Let others find the problems before you blindly follow the hype.

    • This was not the case in the past with Apple products… Why should it be this way now?
      When I agreed to overpay for my device, it was also because I expected it to work ALWAYS fine.
      Beta versions are usually given out for free, not more expensive that their equivalent from a different brand.
      Now that I know how to use Apple’s products, I don’t want to go back to Android or move to Windows, but I want even less to lose all my work twice a day because the developers of IOS didn’t do theirs properly !!!

  15. Sherry Asphyxiates Loveyoualways

    my iPhone 4 is like about 2 – 3 years old and i recently updated to iOS 7 and there were so many bugs….. now my iPhone will just auto restart.. the screen would suddenly turn yellowish and then off and the battery won’t charge even though its stating that i am charging it. please help

  16. deb rust

    Yup. I seldom comment on things like this. The fact that I am suggests to me that the impact I am feeling from ios7 must go way beyond what is being reported. Apple has rightfully earned my trust over the years and I have touted their products for years -despite (or maybe because of!) the fact that I have to use a PC environment in my office for business reasons. I have always felt that Apple (Steve Jobs) had the end user’s interest at heart and that the thoughtfulness and thoroughness in its designs were paramount to the brand. No more! If Apple had warned us of the possible pitfalls of upgrading it would be one thing. But no. And I gleefully upgraded —trustingly….as I have many times in the past. Not this time. This version is performing as I would expect a Microsoft upgrade to perform. It is thoughtlessly engineered without vetting and rigorous testing in terms of both interface and functionality. My phone has slowed to a crawl, I can no longer play a favorite app because of screen drag…. crashes, hard starts and resets are regular occurrences just to get it to function at all. My ability to send text messages is intermittent and I have read more online tips for workarounds on this os than any other in my life just to figure out how to fix things. Went to the Apple store and had the “genius” bar reload everything and reboot the entire system and no improvement….PLUS they laughed at me when i suggested that this was a poor product. What a shame that Apple does not intend to continue the tradition that made it special and famous. PS. I am an advanced user and this is not a joke nor a PC marketing ploy.

  17. I practically find every single glitch and bug in this iOS and the graphics suck. I crashed my phone so many times already that I broke it already. I’m switching to Microsoft and I am NOT updating to iOS 7 until it becomes mandatory.

  18. Can anyone explain why the music in my ITunes library is deleting itself? There is a lot of RED ‘writing’ indicating what is playing or to go back and then you press on a song to play a RED circle and square appear to the right of the song name and the name of the song grays out and you have nothing… Also wish I had never updated and won’t on my IPhone

  19. My iPhone 4 with the awful IOS7 simply lost its mind this morning, during a phone call. The home screen enlarged until the Answer and End buttons were off the screen. None of the buttons worked at all. Had to do a hard reset. Basically, Apple has given us an OS that experiences the BSOD, without the blue screen. It just locks up and quits working. Wish I could go back to IOS6, and I definitely will not be upgrading my wife’s iPhone 4 or my iPad. That’s a 33% upgrade rate in my house. I wish it could be 0%.

    • Wow ron you really know how to add to the problem, why so defensive? People should not have to pay hundreds if not thousands for a device with a junk ios. Yeah, microsoft needs my business like they need yours, quite frankly they dont.

    • I agree!! I hate it!!!!!! I wish there was a way to go back to the way it was :( Changing to this from the way it was to me it lost all of why I loved iPhones/IPad!!!

      • Yep yep yep, horrible graphics. It looks like they went back to a generic prototype that was only halfway done. My niece could’ve done a better artistic job. That being said, all the other non graphic changes are pretty good. So far the worst part is that itunes constantly tells me that my purchase could not be completed at this time. I never had a problem downloading apps ever. IOS 7.0.4. SUCKS