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After seven years of lawsuits, isoHunt is shutting down

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isoHunt, one of the most popular torrent sites, is going to shut down as part of a settlement with Hollywood’s major movie studios, according to a Variety report. The studios had sued isoHunt in 2006 and won an important victory earlier this year, when the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals sided with their position and found that the site was promoting copyright infringement.

isoHunt founder Gary Fung had long maintained that isoHunt could be used to benefit artists. In a post on the site’s homepage, Fung wrote earlier this year:

“For the next 10 years, I’m imagining a reboot of isoHunt. From a mostly passive search engine, to a new system where you the consumer can be active participants in bringing creators on board, and you can frictionlessly contribute to the creators.”

It looks like these plans will be shelved, as Fung won’t be able to use the isoHunt brand anymore. Fung also agreed to pay the studios $110 million as part of the settlement.

5 Responses to “After seven years of lawsuits, isoHunt is shutting down”

  1. Slashdot says that Fung has several million dollars ready to pay this penalty. That’s quite a war chest for someone who’s just a hippie sharing other people’s work.

      • Valentine North

        It’s the same kind of economics that MPAA uses to calculate losses caused by piracy …

        What you linked are indeed traffic reports, not sales, or advertisement income. The only time x MB = y USD conversion happens, is in the storage media industry.

        Even if they had the site riddled with ads, the audience was all wrong for it, because all the visitors were there to get things for free, not find some service or product to buy.

        Check this out.
        Different types of customers react differently to different markets. MPAA reached it’s conclusion by considering every consumer identical., I used that link but I can’t see how it will show up, any chance we could get a preview button?