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Add $0.50 worth of sensors to your iPhone 5s and it’ll be able to track your emotions

The new iPhone (s AAPL) 5s includes a coprocessor containing about $3 worth of sensors. Add two more sensors to it — costing about $0.50 — and the phone’s ability to track human emotion increases drastically. That’s according to research from Freescale Semiconductor, which the company’s Executive Director of Global Strategy and Business Development Kaivan Karimi presented at GigaOM’s Mobilize conference Thursday.

With the additional $0.50 in sensors, your iPhone 5s could track your heartrate and know when it’s spiking based on physical activity, versus when it’s changing due to your emotions, Karimi said. That means companies will be able to “track people’s emotions via their gadgets” — and all it will cost is $3.50 in today’s dollars.

Check out the rest of our Mobilize 2013 live coverage here, and a video embed of the session follows below:

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3 Responses to “Add $0.50 worth of sensors to your iPhone 5s and it’ll be able to track your emotions”

  1. Jeremy Adair

    Add a sensor that detects movement and you can rule out physical labor for sweat increases…. tech needs a power source! The government does not just put tech on you. You put it on yourself plain and dimple.. its the unknowing part that troubles people but get a sensitive enough volt meter in a faraday cage with any device that touches your skin and you can blow the whistle if you like.. you have to understand voltage vs false readings from metal acting as an antenna though.

  2. Karimi is right, these devices have “privacy implications” as well as “good stuff.” In Orwell’s 1984, those who hate Big Brother can fake their facial expressions. It’s much harder to control our heart rates and perspiration. Rebels will be much easier to spot.

    Even worse, these devices are going to be so cheap, almost any government can afford to put them on everyone. And what would give them that excuse? Karimi mentioned it. The ‘good stuff’ is mostly medical. A government that runs medical care is also a government that has an excuse to monitor our moods and health status ‘for our own good.’

    We live on the cusp of dangerous times.