Verizon invites sent to test Moto X software update


Moto X(s goog) owners on Verizon(s vz)(s vod) don’t yet have the software update made available to the phone on other carriers, but it appears that’s about to change. The carrier has sent out “soak test” invitations for customers to test a new software update, which presumably brings the camera improvements that Moto X phones on other networks already have.

A few Google+ users shared the good news, with one even posting a screenshot of his invite, complete with the link to participate in the testing. Unfortunately, that image has since been pulled and understandably so: The invite specifically says it’s confidential.

It’s possible that Verizon has added or changed its own apps in the software update, which could be why it is lagging behind the other carriers in getting this update to Moto X phones. Regardless, it will be worth the wait in my opinion. I received my Moto X update from AT&T earlier this month and while there’s still room for improvement in certain situations, the camera output is noticeably better.

Here’s a sample shot of my foyer; before the update, the light from the window would overpower the scene.

Moto X foyer 1



How about showing us a picture of the foyer after the update, so we have something to compare it to


I believe this photo was taken after the update, although the sentence isn’t 100% clear so I can understand the confusion.


You obviously can’t read. The semi-coon separates parts of the sentence. It’s similar to two sentences:
“Here’s a sample shot of my foyer.”
“Before the update, the light from the window would overpower the scene.”

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