Think twice before you send: This app can save Snapchats forever


Sending pictures and videos on Snapchat just got a whole lot riskier. Business Insider happened upon a new app called SnapHack Pro, which just hit the Apple(s aapl) App Store over the weekend. It lets you secretly save any of the photos or images you receive on Snapchat and view them as many times as you want.

The app was developed by Darren Jones, who launched Iconical a few months back. Iconical lets you redesign app icons for your iPhone’s home screen, but SnapHack Pro serves a far more insidious purpose than that. For $0.99, the app hooks into your Snapchat profile and allows you to open photos and videos without a timer. From there, you can save the pictures or videos to your camera roll to back up or share them, while the person who sent you the message will be none the wiser.

SnapHack save

SnapHack only works if you open Snapchat messages for the first time in SnapHack itself. If you open them in Snapchat first they’ll be gone before you ever get a chance to see it again.

Along with an official Stories update to Snapchat two weeks ago, SnapHack is another way that Snapchat conversations are becoming a little more permanent. But whereas Snapchat allows you to opt into Stories, and only saves your pictures and videos for a day, you’ll never know if the person you’re talking to is using SnapHack. So think twice before you send that next message, because that embarrassing picture or video could stick around for a lot longer than you think.



If you have to worry about sending a picture. Chances are you shouldn’t be sending that picture in the first place.

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