BlackBerry makes a public plea: You can “count on us”

Amid concerns about its future, which appears to be the sale of all or part of the company, BlackBerry is taking an open letter approach to quell its customers concerns. Reuters reported on Monday that BlackBerry will run the letter in 30 news outlets in 9 countries this week, with the intent to explain that it isn’t going anywhere just yet.

The letter, which can be found here thanks to CNet, explains how the company still has plenty of cash on hand and no debt, plus new phones running on advanced software and 6 million pre-registrations for its BBM service on iOS and Android. Government and enterprise security is also “best in class” says the note. All of these observations are arguably valid. However, it’s ironic that the company is saying you can still count on it when so many did just that for years, only to arrive at this juncture for the once-king of all smartphones.


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