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This simple trick turns Chrome into Chrome OS on Windows 8

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The latest development version of Chrome(s goog) for Windows(s msft) is like no other. Instead of just being a browser, it actually works more like Chrome OS, Google’s environment for Chromebooks and Chromeboxes. You can open and move multiple browser windows on the same screen, the Chrome app launcher is present and Chrome Apps for Desktop run outside the browser. Here’s a peek of what it looks like:

Simply installing the software, however, doesn’t enable the Chrome OS-like features. There’s a simple trick, though: Just make Chrome your default browser to get the Chrome OS experience. We covered this tip and more on our weekly Chrome Show podcast. Tune in below or download the show to hear more about that, the new Camera app in Chrome, and the new web app functionality in the Chrome beta for Android.

12 Responses to “This simple trick turns Chrome into Chrome OS on Windows 8”

  1. Now its really becoming spooky..
    Less than a few min after posting above comment, what do I see when I pulled down Control Google Chrome… a line item to return to original mode/desktop….I could swear it was not there 10 min ago.
    Beta impishness perhaps or just pure and simple paranoia…

  2. HELP!!
    Was in START and asked if I wanted to view CHROME in Win 8.Gave it an affirmative and now my desktop chrome is disabled. Cannot locate how to disable and go back. Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated.
    BTY – 1st time I have had a spooky Google moment-things to come??

  3. LOL…I was shocked to see the title for a second. So similar to those ads that keep popping up. Like “This simple trick can help you save X dollars on auto insurance” :P

  4. I think this is just a gimmick to get users to set Chrome as their default browser. That’s why there’s no other way to enable it. They’re hoping you’ll look around for a few minutes, then you’ll probably realize you’re already using a full blown OS and forget to change the default browser back

  5. From what I understand of this, this will not work on a Windows Surface non-pro tablet. So as a previous comment said “why would anyone do that?”
    On a x86 Win8 PC the user already has most of the Chrome OS experience through Chrome Browser beta.
    Maybe I’m not getting the full picture but I just don’t see where Google is trying to go with this.

    • Carl Draper

      Once people realize they can run everything inside Chrome(OS) they might consider a Chromebook as their next laptop. This won’t be for everyone but for those who just browse the web watch videos, those who don’t do video editing etc on their laptops a Chromebook would be fine.