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Sony CEO says smartphone sights not set on U.S. or China

Sony(s sne) wants to become the world’s third-biggest smartphone seller, Kazuo Hirai, the company’s CEO, told reporters on Friday. But according to Reuters, which was at the press event, Sony doesn’t have big plans to tackle the world’s two largest markets – the U.S. and China.

“It’s not realistic to try to do everything at once. In the U.S. we’ll start gradually,” Hirai told reporters. Instead, Sony plans to focus the bulk of its attention on Europe and its home market of Japan, which currently accounts for 60 percent of its smartphone sales.

“Those two are the most important areas for us and we’ll put substantial resources there. But not yet for the U.S. and China,” Hirai said.

This news isn’t exactly surprising. Sony’s previous flagship, the Xperia Z, was only released in the U.S. on T-Mobile. And Sony still hasn’t announced a wireless partner for its latest phone, the Xperia Z1, though recent leaks point to T-Mobile yet again. It’s a shame that it likely won’t see a wider release, since Sony has been producing some top-notch smartphone hardware over the last year or so.

But with other manufacturers trying their best to gain a foothold in the Chinese and American markets, Sony hopes to push further ahead in areas that could become more valuable in the future.