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New iOS app turns Kim Kardashian’s tweets into a TV channel

Admit it: There’s at least one celebrity you’re following on Twitter just for the random YouTube (S GOOG) videos they post. Maybe it’s Jimmy Kimmel for the clips from his show, maybe it’s Kim Kardashian, maybe Rainn Wilson. Wouldn’t it be great if those videos were more easily accessible?

That’s the premise behind Celebrity Tweet TV, a new iOS app that turns the videos tweeted by your favorite celebrities into a TV-like experience. The app offers users access to tweets from around 130 pre-selected celebrities, with the option to watch just videos of one of those stars, mix and match your own station of favorite celebrities or watch a kind of megamix of all the stars and starlets.

Celebrity Tweet TV has been developed by the folks behind Stevie, an app that combines socially curated videos with the style of classic MTV, tickers included. The new app borrows liberally from Stevie and uses the same user interface, but reduces the experience to just the glitzy and famous side of Twitter. That may not be the right approach for everyone, but it’s still a pretty entertaining way to stumble across some great random videos.

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