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True & Co raises $4M to grow its online bra shopping experience

Anyone that’s bought a bra knows that bra shopping totally sucks. That’s why startup True & Co has been innovating the online bra shopping experience using data and smart algorithms, and this week announced that it’s recently closed a $4 million round to grow its business. The funds are from Crosslink, VegasTechFund (Tony Hsieh’s fund), Great Oaks Venture Capital and Pejman Nozad.

True & Co's CEO and founder Michelle Lam
True & Co’s CEO and founder Michelle Lam

True & Co-founder and CEO Michelle Lam — who will be speaking at our experience design conference RoadMap on Nov. 5 and 6 in San Francisco — tells me that the company will use the funds to build out their personal shopping experience and to continually improve their algorithms. True & Co was launched in 2012 and it uses algorithms to track their customer’s bra fit data and then deliver a personalized shopping experience for their customers.

I’ve tested out the service and found it useful and kind of fun. First time customers run through a series of questions so the algorithm can learn what type of body they have and what type of bras they like wearing. Then the company sends the customer five bras and they can test them out and send them back if they don’t like them. The system learns what you send back and takes in more feedback from the customer. The result is supposed to be a service that recommends bras you’d actually like and knows your sizes so can deliver you a bra that you love.

True & Co is an example of one of a growing number of startups that are building design-centric emotional e-commerce experiences and using data to do it. It will be these digital, online brands like Everlane, Gilt, Wanelo, Weddington Way, True & Co and others that will use this trend to build brands that consumers love and potentially displace the old-school brick and mortar commerce brands that just don’t get data, design and personalization. Hear more about emotional design-centric e-commerce at RoadMap next month.