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This is how much and where algae fuel could be grown on the planet

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Utah State University Professor Jason Quinn and his team took 15 years of weather data from over 4,300 places in the world and ran a series of simulations to predict how much algae oil could be grown and produced in outdoor environments globally. The result is this map, which shows how much algae lipid oil can be produced per hectare of land over a year period.

It’s not surprising that warmer areas would be able to produce more algae and thus more oil. But of course not all algae oil would be turned into algae fuel (very, very little of it is being used for fuel today) and not all algae oil is grown outside. In fact some of the leading companies, like Solazyme, grow their algae in closed tanks. So it’s still yet to be determined the best ways to produce enough cheap algae to be able to compete with gasoline.

But the map is just interesting to see the world’s potential and also to see how data is being used to make predictions like these. Companies working on algae oil production include Sapphire Energy, Solazyme, Heliae, and Synthetic Genomics.

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One Response to “This is how much and where algae fuel could be grown on the planet”

  1. It’s funny how it will have to compete with gasoline in the short-term because it actually has to replace it. The supply of Earth’s oil is limited. A recent survey suggested there are 55 years of supply left at current consumption rates.

    And unless battery powered vehicles take over, there may have to be magical government subsidies of these algae ventures. Or, should I say foreign government subsidies?

    Hey! Don’t make me go on a tangent about government spending and taxation as it relates to importing foreign oil supplies!

    You also say that algae oil may one day be used for fuel, but I am certain they already successfully tried this. Don’t confuse me, woman!