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Researchers plan to develop a 3D printer that prints graphene

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3D printers are becoming compatible with new materials all the time, including metals, paper, resin and even pizza ingredients. So it was only a matter of time before someone decided to pair the sci-fi-like machines with the most sci-fi material out there: graphene.

Mining and technology development company American Graphite Technologies announced this week that partner researchers at the Kharkov Institute of Physics in in Ukraine received final approval to begin researching how to adapt 3D printers to print with graphene.

Graphene is a one-atom-thick sheet of carbon atoms with impressive physical characteristics. It is stronger than diamond and extremely conductive, which means it could have applications in electronics and solar panels, among other industries. The researchers will also study applications for other nano-scale varieties of carbon.

“Now that we have the approval from the project administrator … we will be gearing up and starting immediately on the project,” CEO Rick Walchuk said in a release. “We have some exciting ideas and if successful, we hope that our developments could open up new and innovative products for the marketplace.”

American Graphite Technologies’ website offers few details on its plans to manufacture and sell thin sheets of graphene, among other graphene technologies, and has provided little further information on the timeline of the 3D printing research. Carbon nanotubes, which are rolled up tubes of graphene, are already used as fillers in other manufacturing materials to add strength to an object. It’s possible that American Graphite Technologies is pursuing a similar application with graphene.

7 Responses to “Researchers plan to develop a 3D printer that prints graphene”

  1. Karl B. Hensel

    Developing an atomic level 3D printer is absurd. Read the information on what it takes to even attempt something like this would be. Tip crashes etc are not a simple obstacle to overcome. Making a yo-yo and making a material such as graphene are two entirely different matters. I am going to start my site up again on graphene investing. I will explain to you why investing in the patent trolls is probably your best avenue.
    Companies such as GTI are a prime example. They hold the patent for graphene heat dispersion by use of graphene material in all electronic devices which will extend the life and charge time in devices for cell phones. Even though such a material exists and is available on the internet through a very well known wholesale source. They do not spend the money or the resources on the development and marketing. Instead they have waited till another company has done the work and now is suing them over the technology and wants the profits the other company is reaping.
    I wrote the company advising them that I was considering buying the product in bulk and retailing here in the United States. I immediately was responded to with a warning via e-mail and letter. Warning me that if I were to pursue such a venture that it would be met with resistance through litigation on the part of GTI.
    Patent reform is supposedly being looked into by the current government. It will never happen as government is on the side of corporations. Why is it that any company can be granted a patent even a provisional if they do not have a working model and not just a theoretical model. Bring in your little brown box with your miracle material. Wait in line at the patent office and then show them your revolutionary product and be done with it.
    If patenting based on theory and wordy documents is all that is required. Sharpen up on your technical terminology and hire a good lawyer and patent the graphene 3d printer you can purchase for as little as a few thousand dollars and tell them that you have the ability to drop an atom perfectly spaced and in the correct formation to create graphene.
    It is a scam on the highest level. Be very cautious on claims and concentrate on results.

  2. I don’t know much about GigaOm website. Why did you let this “article” get published in the first place ? American Graphite Technologies is a scam company for ripping off investors, and you hype it as if it is real.

    Even a 2 minute search would have shown this is not a real company. I hope the other information on this site is better researched.

    Federal lawsuit SEC v. Walchuk, case # 2:13-cv-05680-NIQA

  3. For anyone considering buying American Graphite Technologies AGIN stock, their president, Rick Walchuk has been sued by the SEC in Federal Court a month ago for stock manipulation & fraud involving one of his other penny stock companies. They are seeking to permanently ban Walchuk from involvement in penny stocks.