NBC’s Vivian Schiller will reportedly be Twitter’s new head of news

Vivian Schiller, the chief digital officer at NBC (s GE) News, is just about officially Twitter’s new head of news, according to AllThingsD, which reports:

“The deal is now ‘all but done,’ according to sources, although Schiller will apparently take a significant period of time off between the end of her current position at NBC and the start of the new job at Twitter.”

It still doesn’t sound like a 100 percent sure thing, but AllThingsD had reported last week that Schiller was the top candidate for the position. Other candidates who were apparently considered were Jim Roberts, the soon-to-be-ex-executive editor of Reuters Digital, and Emily Bell, director of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism.

Schiller headed NYTimes.com from 2006 to 2008, then was hired as CEO of NPR. She resigned in 2011 following a series of public controversies, and NBC hired her three months later.

In her new role, Schiller would serve as a sort of “liaison between news agencies” and Twitter, NPR says. Schiller has a little over 5,400 followers on Twitter, and tweets fairly infrequently.

NBC declined to comment, but it appears that Schiller’s bio has been removed from NBC’s corporate management page. Twitter hasn’t responded to a request for comment.