LiquidM introduces white-labeled mobile advertising management platform

Liquid M on Thursday announced public availability of its white-labeled mobile advertising management platform. It allows mobile media buyers to more easily optimize their management processes across a wide range of premium to performance advertising.

As smartphones and tablets become increasingly popular, LiquidM believes mobile ad sales will increase tremendously, which is where it’s product will come in. The platform is a modular, cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) that replaces traditional build-your-own ad tech infrastructure with a standardized, open platform that’s customizable to individual business needs. LiquidM provides a simple solution for even non-technical users to create, operate and run a mobile ad campaign.

LiquidM has been built to cover the entire mobile ad value chain from premium to performance environments. It optimizes advertising spending for individual targets, and uses a business model-agnostic core that is customizable for individual customer needs. And it has a transparent life cycle, from ad spending to conversion to analytics. It can also integrate with other tools from suppliers, trackers, or data warehouses.

“While some in the market still believe that scale and more sales people will solve their problems, a new generation of companies is now looking into broad, integrated technology support to exploit the promise of this massive opportunity,” said Christof Wittig, CEO of LiquidM.

The company also announced a $5 million series A funding from Asset Management, Blumberg Capital and Earlybird to aid in its growth and marketing. Though LiquidM is just available publicly beginning today, it has already been used by customers including Madvertise, Mobilike and Orange.