Hulu reportedly close to making Fox executive its new CEO


Hulu’s new CEO may come from Fox, whose parent company News Corp. (S NWS) owns about a third of the video service. Both Reuters and Bloomberg reported Thursday night that Hulu will name Mike Hopkins, who is currently heading distribution for Fox Networks, as its new CEO soon. Hulu is currently being led by interim CEO Andy Forssell, who stepped in when founding CEO Jason Kilar left the company back in March. Notable about Hopkins’ appointment would be that Fox has been a long advocate of Hulu moving more towards a subscription and TV Everywhere model, which would deemphasize the free, ad-supported side of the service.



” would deemphasize the free, ad-supported side of the service”

Yes, please get rid of it. There is nothing more that I dislike than being interrupted during a movie with some stupid ads.


That just means they’ll reemphasize subscription, ad-supported viewing. As already, even if you pay for Hulu Plus, you still watch ads. Now that they’ve proven this business model (nearly $1bn revenue so far this year) there’s no reason to stop charging people for subscriptions and charging advertisers for ad time.

The free service is more likely to disappear than the ads.

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