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Breaking BlackBerry: Company could be sold in parts

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BlackBerry could sell itself off in pieces, reports Bloomberg. The option comes after BlackBerry(s bbry) signed a letter of intent in September to sell itself to Fairfax Financial for $9 per share, pending a six-week due diligence process from the prospective buyer.

Why an apparent Plan B? Two reasons: The company has reportedly seen interest from other buyers — namely Cisco(s csco), Google (s goog), Intel (s intc), SAP and Samsung — but not all of them want the whole company. Breaking it up into pieces could generate more overall value. It’s also smart of BlackBerry to consider options in case Fairfax can’t raise the $4.7 billion it offered for the company.

One Response to “Breaking BlackBerry: Company could be sold in parts”

  1. Modularisation was always the order of the day as recommended by Clay Christensen, especially for companies that are being disrupted (i.e. Blackberry). Although a modular approach would have benefited them more if they had adopted it before going down hill – and in turn prevented the current eventuality – this does seem like the smartest option for them at this point of time as well.