Airbnb asks court to stop “fishing expedition” by New York Attorney General

The ongoing tit-for-tat between Airbnb and the state of New York state took a new twist on Wednesday as the apartment rental site filed a motion to stop a government subpoena seeking information about its members.

The company announced the motion on a blog post, explaining that is has been in negotiations with the Attorney General’s office for weeks, and that it wants to help New York City “weed out bad actors” and collect hotel taxes.

Airbnb adds, however, that the subpoena for user information amounts to a “government-sponsored fishing expedition” and that it is “fighting it with everything we’ve got.”

News of the subpoena was leaked on Monday, rekindling a debate over limits to the so-called “sharing economy” which provides efficient new ways to rent cars or vehicles.

The stakes are high for Airbnb in its legal battle with New York since the outcome is likely to set a precedent for other cities.