Why Azumio’s Argus wants to be your all-in-one picture of health

Health tracking apps are all the rage, particularly as wearable devices gain more wireless sensors to gather data. All that disparate data is useful, but how do you put it all together? Enter Argus, an app from Azumio that the company says is the first all-in-one activity tracker and health data aggregator.

Mobilize_badge_product-showcaseAzumio is among the eight finalists in our Mobilize 2013 Product Showcase next week, and Jennifer Grenz, VP Business Development and Marketing for Azumio, will detail explain what makes Argus different from the growing number of health-tracking apps. She explains:

“Argus tracks your daily steps, automatically recognizes when you move from walking to running, allows you to document your food consumption and notes calories burned.  Argus pulls in Sleep Time, Fitness Buddy and Instant Heart Rate data from those Azumio applications to give you a better picture of your overall health.”

Personally, I’m very interested in hearing more because I have health data all over the place. Currently, I wear a MotoACTV(s goog) smartwatch to track my running times and distances, but the watch also captures caloric expenditure, steps taken and — with a Bluetooth monitor — my heart rate. That data goes up to the cloud on a Motorola website where its not usable with any other data. I have to export that information and import it into other apps — along with data from other wearable devices — in order to collect a big picture of my health activities, including nutritional information, sleep data and more.

Grenz suggests a better approach with Argus. “[It] pulls in 3rd party app and hardware data and aims to be the singular data collection point for all health and wellness data, offering actionable feedback on the data gathered to help reach your goals.”

That’s precisely what I’m looking for and I suspect many others are too: A way to easily capture and consolidate such data to offer an all-compassing personal health profile based on activities captured by apps, devices and sensors.

What makes Azumio qualified to create that profile? Aside from a number of Azumio’s own health-related apps that have clocked more than 40 million downloads, the Palo Alto-based company works with research scientists at various locations for the health expertise, including both Stanford University and at the University of California, San Francisco.