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Ban on Samsung products goes into effect as President won’t intervene in Apple patent fight

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In August, Apple(s aapl) persuaded President Obama to veto a trade agency’s order that barred it from importing certain iPhones that had been found to infringe Samsung’s patents. The Korean company then called for the same favor, asking the White House to stop an import ban set for October 8 that targets its own products, but has come up short. The ban will now go into effect, but is unlikely to be a big issue for consumers as Apple’s complaint is from mid-2011, and does not affect newer Samsung products; the government shutdown may also affect the ban’s progress (check out the agency’s website right now). In the bigger picture, the import ban situation is primarily a reflection of an outdated agency with mission creep that is just one part of America’s dysfunctional patent system.

4 Responses to “Ban on Samsung products goes into effect as President won’t intervene in Apple patent fight”

  1. This looks really bad for America. Obama lifted a ban for Apple when Apple’s current phones were found to infringe on Samsung. Obama refused to lift a ban for Samsung when Samsung’s obsolete phones were found to infringe on Apple. If lifting the Samsung ban really makes no difference, then why not lift it? The answer is simple. Jingoism. Pure and simple. The president has proven himself no better than Velvin Hogan.

    • Apples and Oranges! Your argument is superficial in that it fails to recognize Samsung’s requested ban of Apple devices was based on a single FRAND patent (declared essential for an adopted technology standard) that they hoped to leverage as a means to extort a cross-licensing agreement to secure Apple’s non-FRAND patents. Simply, Apple should have been able to choose to pay a fair royalty amount to Samsung and decline any licensing of their non-FRAND patents. The ITC got it very wrong in enabling Samsung in this ploy, and this is why the Obama administration vetoed the Apple product importation ban. With regards to the upcoming ban of Samsung’s products, Apple has the right to request that Samsung remove features deemed as infringements because their complaints are all on non-essential types of patents and were meant solely to differentiate and give a competitive edge to Apple’s products.

      I get that people hate Apple over patent litigation, but maybe they should consider the possibility that Samsung deserves a little distain too!