Watch: Samsung made a great ad for the so-so Galaxy Gear


Credit: Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Gear isn’t exactly the category killer many were expecting when news of the smartwatch first surfaced months ago. So far reviews have been less than stellar and public reception lukewarm. But that hasn’t stopped Samsung from flexing its marketing muscle with a delightful new ad for the smartwatch that might be more fun than using the watch itself.

The clip is a quick tour through “smartwatch” history, which shows we have been waiting for a watch that can do more than just tell the time for quite a while now. With snippets from Dick Tracy to Knight Rider to Star Trek, the ad is almost guaranteed to put a smile on your face, even though the Galaxy Gear remains conspicuously absent until the very end.

Then again, given the somewhat tepid reaction to the smartwatch, perhaps that makes sense. My colleague Kevin Tofel has been using the watch for a couple of weeks now, but he wasn’t wowed by it initially. So we might still be waiting for a smartwatch that truly ushers in the future, but until then, it can’t hurt to enjoy some clips of what we thought that might mean in the past.



I do not think that Samsung did really an ad for the “Gear” yet.
Video are just a teaser or a smartwatch history as you rightly wrote.
You just cut the end of the video and replace it with any other smart watch and it works as well, nothing unique … yet about Gear.

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