Score one for Amazon over IBM in CIA cloud case


A Federal judge ruled in favor of Amazon(s amzn) Web Services in its bid to hold onto the CIA cloud contract it won over IBM. The award made early this year was contested by IBM(s ibm), which bid a lower amount, and the Government Accountability Office deemed that the contract should be re-bid. That was done although the ruling of U.S. Court of Federal Claims Judge Thomas Wheeler would seem to make that a moot point. IBM said it will appeal.



I am glad! If IBM won they would have sent jobs overseas. Now it will stay here and our security in safe to a great extend.


Everyone looses, now the GAO is NOT the unbiased referee, the courts are involved!

Dennis Perry

As with many protests of programs that have significant impact on what the government is trying to do, I would predict that both companies will win and the government will figure out how to have a multi-vendor cloud service.


Does that mean that AWS won the contract? Amazon and IBM resubmitted new proposal two months ago.

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