Samsung’s Japanese Galaxy J looks like a Galaxy S 4/Galaxy Note 3 hybrid


Credit: RBMen

It’s not a Galaxy S 4, nor is it a Galaxy Note 3. A leaked brochure from NTT DoCoMo reveals the Samsung Galaxy J, and it looks like something of a mashup between the two. If that sounds enticing, don’t get your hopes up too high: It looks like this phone is coming out in Japan only.

The images and information come courtesy of Japanese blog RBMen. The handset reportedly features a Qualcomm(s qcom) Snapdragon 800 processor, along with a whopping 3GB of RAM, much like the new Galaxy Note 3. The phone’s shape is also reminiscent of the Galaxy Note 3, with a slightly more squared-off look than previous Galaxy devices.

Galaxy J

Unlike the 5.7-inch display on the Galaxy Note 3, however, the Galaxy J reportedly uses a 5-inch screen like the Galaxy S 4. The phone is also said to come with some extra features specific to the Japanese market, like 1Seg TV tuning.

We won’t know the full details until Samsung makes the phone official, but I like the idea of all that Galaxy Note power in a more pocketable form factor. Here’s hoping we see a similar version make its way overseas in the near future.



I want this phone ! This is what I was looking for ! A Galaxy S4 with the S-PEN and all the good things of the Note3 ! And together I will get the Gear !
Marcelo from Brazil


Where do you see an SPen? The article never said anything about an SPen. I don’t think this phone has an SPen.


Sounds like the S3 alpha from last year, like the note 2 is an S3 form factor

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