Here’s a sneak peek at Google’s updated Chrome OS Camera app and filters


Every Chromebook(s goog) that I know of comes with built-in web cam that’s useful for video chats. I haven’t seen many apps use the camera for anything else save for a bar-code scanner I occasionally use. Google has its own Camera app for self-photos, complete with Photo Booth-like filters but I don’t think the app hasn’t seen an update since it was introduced. That may be changing very soon.

Craig Tumblison posted about a revamped Chrome OS camera app on Monday via Google+, sharing both the details as well as a way to install it.

New Camera app Chrome OS

Here’s his write-up on how to get the app now if you want it; I already installed it on my Chromebook Pixel so I know it works:

  1. Download the .crx from Github.
  2. Visit chrome://extensions/ and enable developer mode (upper right)
  3. Drag and drop the .crx file from your Downloads folder on to the extensions page.
  4. Launch and enjoy!

Tumblison notes that the app is still a work in progress so it may be missing some functionality. However, the original Camera app will still exist and be available on your Chrome OS device; I verified that as well.

I like the new look although I don’t see quite as many filters as the original app has. It does look a little more refined though, so I hope that Google continues to work on it. And although I’m using this app on a Chrome OS device, it may run on any computer that has the Chrome browser installed. That’s Google’s master plan: To boost desktop engagement by turning Chrome into a full-featured environment atop Windows(s msft), OS X(s aapl) and Linux.

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