Despite stocking the iPhone, Japan’s NTT DoCoMo continues to bleed subscribers

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In September, Japanese telecom company NTT DoCoMo finally joined its competitor companies, KDDI Corp and SoftBank Corp, in stocking the iPhone(s aapl). However, according to Reuters, the company still reported a net loss of subscribers — down 66,800 for the month. The loss is a record monthly drop for DoCoMo, which puts blame squarely on  not having enough quantities of the new iPhone available compared to its rivals. While it’s unclear whether the Apple product will be the panacea for DoCoMo’s woes, one thing is clear: telecom companies are confident that the iPhone is a deal-maker for cellular subscribers.

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Dan G

Sprint’s had the iPhone for awhile and it’s still losing subscribers. Kill the “iPhone is the carrier savior” meme already. Also, Verizon is falling short of its iPhone purchase obligation, it’s not selling enough iPhones

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