CloudOn brings Microsoft Office to iPad, but it doesn’t work on my Mac

I’ve been wanting to try CloudOn, the web app that ‘brings Microsoft Office to iPad’ by creating something like a remote connection to a virtual desktop in the cloud, and opens files for viewing and editing. But I am between iPads — my old one was nabbed by a son, and my experience with a mini iPad led to me returning it (too small, couldn’t get handwriting working, lack of solutions for editing, keyboard issues).

I recently saw a mention that CloudOn would work on Mac via browser connection. I tried.

I was able to connect to my Dropbox account, which follows the way it would work on iPad. But after that, nothing worked right.

Screenshot 2013-10-05 11.18.46

The document I opened was rendered in a very weird aspect ratio. And no matter how many times I tried, I was unable to edit, although somehow ‘thit’ got added to the first work of the title of this short story, At The Crosswalk.

And then it always crashed, with this enigmatic message:

Screenshot 2013-10-05 11.17.24

May have?

I also thought it was odd that CloudOn is unwilling to edit a text file.

The Bottom Line

I can’t really judge how the app might work on an iPad. Apparently others are using it successfully, but it will require a test with an iPad to find out. But at the very least, this is obviously not a workable solution for someone wanting to use it as a replacement of Microsoft Office functionality on Mac OS X.