Moto X software update with camera improvements rolling out on AT&T

Moto X front top

First T-Mobile then Sprint and now AT&T is rolling out a software update to the Moto X handset that’s meant to improve the camera performance. I noted the inconsistency of the Moto X camera output in my review and really found that to be the only issue with the phone. If the update addresses the problem it will alleviate what I think is the Achilles Heel of the Moto X.

AT&T’s consumer blog said on Friday that the update would begin to roll out, so it could be staged. Here’s a full breakdown of what’s in the software:

  • Camera enhancements:
    • Enhanced camera auto-white balance performance and color accuracy.
    • Improved exposure when taking photos outside or backlit, and improved clarity in low light.
    • Faster touch-to-focus time and reduced unnecessary refocusing in low light or scenes with continuous motion.
  • Faster response and improved accuracy when using Touchless Control and easier set up and training of the “Ok Google Now” trigger.
  • Enhanced transfer of content from old phone to new phone using Motorola Migrate.
  • Fine-tuned feature that allows you to find phone when it is lost that sometimes prevented a lost phone from reporting its location.

Aside from the camera improvements, I’m happy to see the Touchless Control getting faster and more accurate. I use the feature a few dozen times per day and although it’s great at understanding my speech, more speed would be welcome. Once I get the update on my handset, I’ll share thoughts on the camera improvements.


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