Meet the voice of Siri


Siri, Apple’s(s aapl) popular voice assistant, is two years old today. And for the last two years Siri has set alarms, scheduled appointments, searched the Web, and fielded plenty of oddball questions, all through one iconic voice. On Friday Susan Bennett came forward to CNN to claim that she is, in fact, the original voiceover artist for Siri.

Siri first appeared with the introduction of the iPhone 4S back in October 2011. But according to Bennett, the vocals for Siri were recorded back in 2005. She spent four hours per day, every day for the month of July recording at GM Vocals for ScanSoft, which was working on a then-undisclosed project.

Apple hasn’t confirmed Bennett’s story, but an audio-forensics expert with 30 years of experience says that he is “100 percent certain” Bennett is the voice of Siri. Confusion over Siri’s origins in the blogosphere, as well as the new male counterpart Siri voice introduced in iOS 7, convinced Bennett it was finally time to step forward and put a face to the voice.

Bennett, though, is still rather quiet when it comes to sharing any personal information. She lives in the suburbs of Atlanta and won’t reveal her age. She claims she became involved in voice work in the 1970s “by accident.” It turned out to be a happy accident though, as today Bennett can be heard worldwide in commercials, GPS devices, and, of course, lots of iPhones and iPads.

You can meet the voice behind Siri and hear for yourself in the video below.



Yet you all read it after knowing exactly what the headline would bring you to…lol


this voice assistant for Chrome uses Anna in Win7 and she sounds fairly human most of the time with some of her comments or responses just hilarious
(BTW she knows Om Malik)

Marvin Xol

Wow, just wow. The voice is completely computer-generated. An “audio-forensics with 30 years of experience”? Clearly, WC, we ARE that far gone.

Marvin Xol

I mean, C’MON PEOPLE…you only have to hear Siri mispronounce a word ONCE to get this.


She’s not Siri. She doesn’t even sound like Siri. The woman who is Siri is named Allison.

Who cares

Why do we even care about this kind of stuff? I mean really. Are we that far gone?

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