Netflix iOS app now supports Air Play and HD streaming


The Netflix (s NFLX) iOS (s AAPL) app rolled out two key updates Thursday: The app now supports Air Play, so you can stream from your iPhone or iPad to your Apple TV. And the app will stream in HD if you have a fast enough internet connection. If you’re not seeing these features yet despite upgrading your app, Netflix says to be patient: they’ll roll out “to all members who have the latest Netflix app (version 5.0) by mid-October.”



Could a Netflix version of Airplay to iCloud happen here?


You can set up airplay on a raspberry pi, which wouldn’t otherwise support netflix

Big Fat Guy

Because I have a jailbroken Apple TV 2 that doesn’t support 1080P.


Because iOS will support Netflix postpay, while Apple TV still does not.

Jeff Robelen

Someone could AirPlay their Netflix to a friend’s Apple TV without an account.

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