Want the iOS 7 look on Android? Check out iLauncher


Android(s goog) fans that are intrigued by the look and feel of iOS 7(s aapl) can get a similar experience though iLauncher. The software, found in the Google Play Store, changes the entire Android home screen interface to one that looks nearly identical to Apple’s iOS 7. There’s no parallax effect for the background but iLauncher does include the zooming animations that are making some iOS 7 users a bit queasy; luckily, you can disable that on Android.

After watching this video demonstration, I decided to spend the $2.06 for iLauncher to give it a spin. It’s actually quite good, complete with the iOS “jiggle” for app movement and badge notifications on some of the more prominent apps such as Messenger and Gmail.

You can also have either four or five icon rows, for example, and it supports folders as well. There’s even a companion app to get the iOS 7 notifications pane if you want that too. I’m not a fan of that in iOS 7 so I don’t plan to add that.

The biggest downside here is that you lose the ability to add widgets to your Android home screens. You can still add shortcuts though. I might be able to live with that because I’m not a big widget user. I use Google Now far more than widgets and that still works through Touchless Controls on my Moto X; scrolling up from the home button also brings me right to Google Now.

Surely someone reading this — likely most of you — are asking the question: “Why would anyone want to make their Android device look like iOS 7?” Personally, I use both mobile platforms on a daily basis, so my thought is to try bringing some user interface consistency between the two. Will I keep using iLauncher? I’ll figure that out over time, of course.

And surprisingly, I’m not the only one interested in an iOS 7 launcher: The app already has between 10,000 and 50,000 installs per the Google Play store.


random person

mabe they(android) don’t want ios looks on android… dunno



In fact, I’m also a big user of iLauncher & iNoty … but apparently it has been removed from google play … Me, I’m called to play the google and did refund my paid apps that have been removed from the store!
For cons, I do not know why they all either have been removed!


This app has been removed as well as the developers other apps. The associated Facebook page has been removed as well and the developer never answers emails for support so asking about this would be out of the question.

Agung Adiraja

Has this launcher been removed? I can’t find it on Google Play. INoty is missing too!


You can actually disable the animation on iphone also. Go to Settings > accessibility > reduce motion > off

Roshan Shrestha

Espier launcher has been available for a few years. I don’t know if it now supports iOS7 look, but it effectively turns your home screen into iOS, and I believe it also supports Widgets. The app is free.


I suspect this would appeal to people moving from Apple six or more months from now, after they’ve gotten used to iOS 7.

LOL though that this launcher can do something you can’t do with Apple’s product–turn off the zoom. Even ignoring the seasick issue, how could Apple not contemplate that some of their customers might want to turn off some animation?

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