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Holy hot spots! Time Warner Cable unveils Austin Wi-Fi network

With the looming threat of not-one, but two, gigabit networks planned for Austin, Texas, Time Warner Cable has announced that it has blanketed the city in Wi-Fi with 900 hot spots. The plan is to grow that number to 1,350 hotspots and offer the network free to subscribers. This could be savvy marketing because it’s likely that Google and AT&T will deploy their networks in limited areas, which means that those without a gigabit option choose Time Warner over the existing AT&T service. Of course, it’s possible that Google or At&T could sweeten the pot with Wi-Fi access too.

3 Responses to “Holy hot spots! Time Warner Cable unveils Austin Wi-Fi network”

  1. Matthew Peterworth

    So… AT&T actually had (still has?) something similar in downtown Austin. By default, my iPhone would automatically connect to random AT&T wireless access points whenever I was in range.

    This got really annoying during SXSW, when the wifi got overloaded and I couldn’t access the network without turning off wifi in my settings.