Braintree’s cross-app payment service Venmo Touch comes to the U.K.

Braintree is about to be swallowed by global payments giants PayPal(s ebay), but the $800 million deal hasn’t stopped the company from continuing its international expansion. The Chicago startup announced it is bringing its Venmo in-app digital wallet services to Europe, starting with a launch in the U.K. and moving across the English Channel in coming months.

Called Venmo Touch, the service is Braintree’s take on a one-touch payments service that works across multiple iOS apps. Customers enter their debit or credit card details once, for instance on HotelTonight’s app. That info is securely stored and automatically populated into any other app using the Venmo Touch network, allowing customers to complete a transaction with a single click. In addition to HotelTonight, Drivr, LivingSocial, Bizzby and YPlan will participate in the U.K. launch.

Braintree also said it was working with American Express(s amx) on the U.K. launch. The financial services company will promote Venmo Touch to all of its cardholders in the U.K.