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This tool can check iPhone 5s stock at every Apple store in your area

For anyone too impatient to wait for an iPhone 5s by mail, checking stock at your local Apple(s aapl) store just got a whole lot easier. Developer Mordy Tikotzky has created iPhone-Check, a simple way to search all nearby Apple stores in your area at once to see if the iPhone 5s is in stock.

Using the site is easy. Just enter your zip code, along with which color phone and carrier you want. The site scrapes Apple’s retail store site to present you with a list of all nearby Apple stores, showing which capacity phones are nearby. If you’re lucky enough to see the phone you want highlighted in green, you can then head over to Apple’s site and order the phone for in-store pickup.

iPhone-check large

While isn’t clear how often the site refreshes its data, all of the available phones iPhone-Check showed me were also available when I checked through Apple, so it seems to be accurate.

In and around New York City, there is actually some availability for silver and space grey phones. Alas, the elusive gold iPhone remains unavailable throughout the tri-state area, and seemingly everywhere else.

If the Apple store still doesn’t have the phone you’re looking for, you can try looking for it at one of these places.

2 Responses to “This tool can check iPhone 5s stock at every Apple store in your area”

  1. It doesnt even work. It says the iPhone 5s is available all over my area. But of course since i’m smarter than a website, I called ahead of time before wasting my own time and sure enough, the stores did not have what this website said they had. Worthless junk of a website.