Sorry, the rumored retina iPad Mini has been delayed


The long-buzzed about iPad Mini with retina display didn’t make an appearance at the latest Apple(s aapl) event in September, and it’s likely that the world won’t see it until the new year. Reuters reports that delays on display manufacturing in China have crippled production, making it near impossible to do a full roll-out for the holiday season. If the iPad Mini retina does appear, expect limited quantities, long lines, and a bit of heartbreak.



This was embarrassing to post, right? You had to have been embarrassed to send that to “press”.

Arik Josheun Jones

Yay for regurgitated reports on rumors that present no new information.


This article is not up to GigaOM standards.

1) It is just a repeat of another article.
2) The referenced article cites “sources” with zero validation.
3) The headline is declarative, but it just repeats a rumor.
4) There is no official word on the next gen iPad.

One Hope Fellowship

“Those hoping to see Lauren Hockenson in her big-screen debut with Gene Hackman in Steven Spielberg’s horror remake of ‘Benji – Hound of Hell’ are going to be bitterly disappointed. Spielberg has said nothing about the project, Hackman has refused to come out of retirement, and Hockenson is predictably silent.”

Mr. Nosuch

And of course, there’s the endless delays with Apple’s levitating time machine, but I see once again the tech press doesn’t have the courage to call them out on THAT.


And don’t forget the “delayed” TV Apple are going to release for sure.


An unannounced product being delayed, after it is pretty common knowledge that Apple will be holding an iPod/iPad event later this month LIKE THEY DO EVERY YEAR?

You need to stop writing about tech until you learn to research what you publish first.

Jonathan Polley

How can an unannounced product be delayed? Please explain that in the article, otherwise you know how it looks.

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