Report: LG’s next smartphone to feature a curved display, already in production

Pocket-lint is reporting that sources at LG have revealed to ZDNet Korea that the company’s next major smartphone, the LG Z, is already in production. Spec-wise, the phone will be comparable to the recently released LG G2. The real innovation here is that the phone is tipped to have a curved, flexible display.

Flexible, however, is a bit of a misnomer, as sources say the screen will be mounted to a fixed shell. So even if the screen is capable of flexing this way and that, you won’t be able to move it at all when it’s attached to a solid brick plastic. Instead, the phone will feature an overall curved design, like LG’s latest OLED TVs.

Sources claim the curve will improve gaming and watching movies, and that it will make the phone feel more natural in your hand. I’ve heard that latter claim recently about the rear-mounted control buttons on the LG G2, and I found them to be anything but natural.

Still, curved displays seem to be the next frontier for smartphones. Samsung has also revealed that it plans to introduce a curved screen smartphone this month as well.

And don’t forget we’ve already seen one a couple years back – the Galaxy Nexus featured a curved screen, but it was so slight that it was nearly imperceptible. I’d expect the curve on new models to be much more pronounced.

LG is reportedly ready to introduce the phone in South Korea as early as the end of this month, so it could be going up directly against Samsung.