Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom now advertises internet without broadband caps

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Kim Dotcom, the colorful and controversial Megaupload founder, has one more accomplishment to add to his already pretty unique resume: Dotcom made an appearance in a new ad for New Zealand-based ISP Orcon, decrying broadband caps with the memorable line: “It’s called capping — and it’s not cool.”

The ad is part of a push by Orcon to promote uncapped broadband and lower the price of internet access in New Zealand. Check it out below:

Other recent highlights of Dotcom’s very public life: He teased a surveillance-proof messaging service, announced plans to launch a music service dubbed Baboon, said he would spend all his energy on fighting his ongoing legal case and at the same time declared that he wants to run for office in New Zealand. And those were just the last three months…

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I think that this guy is a Ball buster for those lesser creatures that are looting the system –

Keep you eye on this movement and trend.

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