Early look at Android 4.3 on Galaxy S 4: Reading Mode and better color reproduction


The Samsung Galaxy S 4 hasn’t received its Android(s goog) 4.3 update yet, however, that hasn’t stopped some from getting an early peek at the software. SamMobile has a reported test build of the update that’s described as very stable, indicating Android 4.3 is coming soon to the Galaxy S 4 smartphone.

Aside from the latest Google bits, what else can you expect? Some keyboard modifications, Samsung Wallet as a default application, and a new Reading Mode to optimize text on certain applications — likely Samsung’s own. Take a look at this quick walkthrough to see what else is coming in Android 4.

One of the more interesting functions is an improvement to the device’s color reproduction; something that device owners will appreciate as many find Samsung’s mobile displays to be a little oversaturated for their taste.

If you want to try the test build on your own Galaxy S 4, SamMobile has the files available. Just be warned that it’s not an official release from Samsung so you’re own on your own for support if something goes wrong.



…or do what most people do, and put a case on your phone. If you’re one of those who says you don’t “like the feel of a case,” then guess what. You don’t get to complain when your phone breaks


But the S 4 is a very fragile phone. Not up to Samsung’s previous offerings. Drop it and the screen will shatter. I experienced this and so have so many others..just look on line.
My S2 is still going strong after much mistreatment. Samsung need to do a recall and beef it up. I’m not impressed.

Charles Carmichael

what does this have to do with Jelly Bean 4.3? This video is about the software, not your S2.


I bought a car and crashed it into a tree… going to complain to the manufacturer because I am not impressed that the car has been damaged….

Are you serious? Complaining that your phone was damaged when you dropped it on the floor? Instead of complaining and calling for a recall, try what everyone else who still has a functioning S4 does on a daily basis; be more careful and don’t drop your phone.

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