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Early look at Android 4.3 on Galaxy S 4: Reading Mode and better color reproduction

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The Samsung Galaxy S 4 hasn’t received its Android(s goog) 4.3 update yet, however, that hasn’t stopped some from getting an early peek at the software. SamMobile has a reported test build of the update that’s described as very stable, indicating Android 4.3 is coming soon to the Galaxy S 4 smartphone.

Aside from the latest Google bits, what else can you expect? Some keyboard modifications, Samsung Wallet as a default application, and a new Reading Mode to optimize text on certain applications — likely Samsung’s own. Take a look at this quick walkthrough to see what else is coming in Android 4.

One of the more interesting functions is an improvement to the device’s color reproduction; something that device owners will appreciate as many find Samsung’s mobile displays to be a little oversaturated for their taste.

If you want to try the test build on your own Galaxy S 4, SamMobile has the files available. Just be warned that it’s not an official release from Samsung so you’re own on your own for support if something goes wrong.

4 Responses to “Early look at Android 4.3 on Galaxy S 4: Reading Mode and better color reproduction”

  1. …or do what most people do, and put a case on your phone. If you’re one of those who says you don’t “like the feel of a case,” then guess what. You don’t get to complain when your phone breaks

  2. But the S 4 is a very fragile phone. Not up to Samsung’s previous offerings. Drop it and the screen will shatter. I experienced this and so have so many others..just look on line.
    My S2 is still going strong after much mistreatment. Samsung need to do a recall and beef it up. I’m not impressed.

    • I bought a car and crashed it into a tree… going to complain to the manufacturer because I am not impressed that the car has been damaged….

      Are you serious? Complaining that your phone was damaged when you dropped it on the floor? Instead of complaining and calling for a recall, try what everyone else who still has a functioning S4 does on a daily basis; be more careful and don’t drop your phone.