Apple on iMessage woes: Message received, we’re working on it


Apple(s aapl) is aware of iMessage issues affecting iOS 7 users, telling the Wall Street Journal that only “a fraction of a percent” of iMessage users are affected. Customers on message boards have been reporting the problem with some saying the issue began after iOS 7.0.2. Regardless of when it started or what software version introduced the problem, Apple is working on a fix.

The problem, if you haven’t seen it, is that iMessages are sometimes not sent although they initially appear to be. Later a warning message indicates the iMessage didn’t go through and users are asked to resend it. Reported workarounds for now include disabling iMessage, resetting the network settings on the iOS device and then re-enabling the app. A more brute force method of restarting the mobile device reportedly also works.

With two software updates to iOS 7 just two weeks after launch — and now a likely third one very soon — I wonder if Apple’s latest operating system needed just a little more time to bake in the oven before it went public.

In Apple’s defense, this version of the software was likely the largest undertaking yet: Aside from a completely revamped user interface, iOS 7 is the first version of Apple’s phone and tablet software to be 64-bit compatible. With so many moving parts, little glitches are more likely to appear in this major release than in prior versions. And historically, Apple has a solid track record for fixing issues quickly, so hang tight if you have iMessage problems; the issue will likely be resolved faster than you can say “iMessage-gate”.


Karola Cramoysan

I am running on the 7.0.4 and I still have this problem . Can’t send iMessages and only get them on the iPad and not on phone .
Is Applee still working on this or do they think that the problem has been solved?


It is now just about the 18 th of October and still no fix. I have tried everything suggested numerous times and iMessage and FaceTime still do not activate since upgrading the software. Apple would you please work a little faster. A lot of people have wasted a lot of time trying to get the phone to do what it used to do. Very annoying.

Rob Allen

I have a 5 now running iOS7.02. Just before I upgraded to 7.0, iMessage was failing to deliver, and sending messages as SMSes instead. There was no change with the initial upgrade. Since I moved to 7.02, the problem appears to have gone away. A friend I regularly communicate with via iMessage has had exactly the same symptoms with her 5. We assumed it was a server issue, associated with the launch of iOS7, but the contrary behaviour reported here suggests something a lot more complex could be behind it.


Update to iOS7.0.2. Will not play music via Bluetooth. Still will play via jack. Also wiped out my ringtones. Went to Apple store, they don’t know, Said I should buy new phone. I have 4s that does everything I need, or I should say it did.


Hard reset – pushing off and home button at the same time – solved the problem.

Michael W. Perry

Apple needs to get “on the case” and fix another major problem–this one with the latest release of iTunes.

Apple clearly knows the problem exists. In their “Tips for Podcast Fans” they mention it as if it were no big deal:

“Once you subscribe to a podcast, iTunes checks for new episodes at regular intervals. But over time, the list of available episodes can get long. To hide or reveal all available episodes, click the display triangle for the podcast. You can also hide or reveal all your podcasts at once by holding down the Command key and clicking one of the display triangles.”

Until the latest iTunes update, long lists weren’t a problem. Users could simply select old episodes and press the Delete key to be rid of them, whether they had been downloaded or not. I know, for most podcasts, I kept that list down to two or three episodes that I’d yet to listen to. It worked great.

iTunes has become a pain to use. Now for every single podcast the episode list will list every one that’s still available online no matter how outdated. In the case of Adobe Creative Cloud TV, that’s two full screen of episodes going back six years. Yes, you can get rid of the downloaded file so your hard drive doesn’t get full. But nothing you do will get rid of that hideously long and distracting list of them. It’s like not being allow to carry out your trash.

Apple’s fix is, of course, not a fix. Before, I could display most podcast lists all the time. After all, they typically had no more that 2-3 episodes. That made it easy to locate new ones. Now most podcast lists fill two windows or more, I have to tediously open each podcast, look at what is inside, then close it, move to the next, open and check and so forth. I feel like billing Apple for my time.

I’ve racked by brain trying to understand why Apple would take a feature that works well and turn it into something that even their own “Tips” hints is a pain.

* It this a side result of some larger change that Apple has made? Maybe, but I can’t understand what that would be.

* Is this perhaps due to the dogged insistence by someone within Apple that podcast episode lists should list all episodes? Maybe, but if so that person is rather weird. Podcasts are family photos. They’re typically something we listen to once and then discard.

Except that with this new ‘feature’ we can’t ever discard them. They haunt our lives for years afterward.

* Does Apple hate having to deal with podcasts so badly, it’s slowly crippling how it handles them, hoping to leave the field to third-party apps. That’d explain of lot of what they’ve been doing recently. Remember, Apple makes money from music, videos and ebooks. It makes nothing from podcasts. Maybe this just about money.

Whatever the reason. The problem does mean I’ll be much less like to recommend iDevices to others.


Two updates? Only 7.0.2 was released as far as I know. Was 7.0.1 a public release?

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