How to manage a Google Calendar with LEGOs and a smartphone

Project managers take note: A smartphone and a set of LEGOs could help you better manage your Google(s goog) Calendar. That’s exactly what the team at Vitamins Design is doing and it plans to make the solution available to all in the near future.

The idea is to have a tangible, physical way to track projects and then translate the milestones, tasks and meetings related to a project through shared Google Calendars. After much thought, Vitamins Design settled on LEGO bricks that attach to wall-mounted boards. Each row of boards represents a month and each LEGO brick equals a half-day block on the calendar.

LEGO calendar

If the calendar needs updating, you simply add, remove or move LEGO bricks and then snap a picture of the wall with a smartphone. The resulting image is then emailed to a special address where the image is scanned for the different colored bricks and software updates the team’s Google Calendar accordingly.

Take a look to see how it all works in practice:

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Obviously, the solution is somewhat limited as you’re only blocking off chunks of time relevant to a project; you’re not managing calendar details with this method. Still, it shows an innovative look at how to bridge the digital and physical worlds in new, helpful ways.