Hoping to learn how NASA will redirect asteroids? Too bad, the government is shut down


NASA’s website is down today due to the government shutdown. It turns out that the agency also had to cancel or postpone all of its public activities and events, including a workshop where attendees planned to consider how to redirect potentially civilization-destroying asteroids heading toward Earth. So if we are ever a day too late to stop an asteroid, remember today.


Scott Jensen

The biggest danger for Obama and the Democrats is that the public not only doesn’t care that the federal government is shut down but doesn’t even notice.


The second biggest danger is that the health care exchanges will get up and running properly, and people will discover how much more they have to pay for Obamacare. A lot more people will start supporting the Republican effort once they know what they have to pay.

An insurance broker told our group yesterday that the average increase for someone with catastrophic insurance is 100%! My insurance company has quoted me a larger increase for less coverage. So much for being able to keep your old coverage.


Maybe we’d have all the bases covered if an asteroid destroyed Washington DC today. ;-)


We can always hope that Russia, Europe, China, Japan and/or India can stop an asteroid.


That’s such nonsense—pure political theater. The cost of running their website today has already been paid.

John Furber

Tracking and diverting Earth-threatening asteroids is one of the most important things that our government could possibly do!
-John Furber


And this doesn’t suggest that is in any way affected.

If this is the worst of a shut down (delaying the education of laymen), then maybe we should stay shut down. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is the worst.

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