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Straight Talk confirms its “unlimited plan” is throttled after 2.5 GB per month

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Straight Talk has long advertised its mobile broadband service as unlimited even though customers often bumped against a limit. Liliputing notes that the company has clarified the details of its $45 monthly plan, which uses airwaves it buys from AT&T(s t) and T-Mobile(s tmus), saying there’s a 2.5 GB monthly data cap: Exceed that and you’ll be relegated to 2G speeds for the remainder of your plan month.

It’s nice to see Straight Talk confirm the caps and even better to see it actively educating customers on how much data different activities use; on an explanation page, the company says you can listen to 88 hours of Pandora or view nearly 35,000 emails before you’ve used up your 2.5 GB allotment.

Even with the cap, the deal isn’t a bad one. After personally switching my phone service over to Straight Talk’s month-to-month plans in 2012, I explained how it can help you dump the larger carriers and save some money. Straight Talk became a little more attractive earlier this month when it added support for AT&T’s LTE network.

For the $45 per month, you also get unlimited voice calls and text messages, so if you can live with 2.5 GB of high-speed data a month, it may be worth the look. Since the service works on AT&T or T-Mobile — depending on the plan you choose — you’ll get the same coverage you would by being a direct customer of the carrier.

11 Responses to “Straight Talk confirms its “unlimited plan” is throttled after 2.5 GB per month”

  1. I have a e71 Nokia sim installed in my jail broken iphone4…. There throttling me after a 100mg a day , I have been tracking it with a counter. Then never reached 2.5 mg and my data is absolutely non existent. I have been with them for three years but I am leaving there ass’s for Aio wireless in jan ’14. It makes more since to get 7gb for $70 than 2.5gb for $45.

  2. These are old ways of straight talk. Believe me ive been a straight talk member since they came out. ( i believe 4-6 years ago) my first phone was the flip phone. Thenafter breaking that phone 3-4 times throughout, i bought a nokia e71 in order to do the sim switch trick with my iphone. Suscess, but thats When Straight Talk started giving me threatening calls, automated messages saying they will cut off my service. certain representatives call me as well, Claiming that I used to much data, and it was excessive. And yes, there was a data limit per day to me. As I had a Data counter app on my phone and I felt there was a 100–125 data limit on the phone. The next day, sometimes my service will be wild, and I would have to call up as a pissed customer, and find a way to get back to normal. I’ve talked to high and low representives ranging from the managers to associates. from then i switched to the 4s, and it got worse and i was l looking forward to going with another company, until, the calles stopped. I ran a speed tesr on my phone and i was amazed that i was back to 6+dwn mbs, since i, remebering getting an automatic message stating that i would be permantly Throttled at 3mb. So I did a little research, and since then, Straight Talk’s been sued. Man I have enjoyed my experience with straight talk and its service, because I don’t have to make no damn calls to fucking support when they cut off my shit. because it doesn’t happen. Straight talk getting sued was the best thing that has happened!

    Ps.. Dont know if this means anything but im still using the nokia e71 sim from long ago lol. My mom has the byo sim from straight talk. I think they limit more shit on there, but yea still no visual voicemail and tbh , never heard of the shit lol.

    Pps… My 4s is jailbroken on ios 6.1 64 gb att.

  3. Michael Mincey

    I was on Straight Talk for a year. I called to ask how much data I was using. First rep couldn’t help me and transferred me. Second rep was just as useless and transferred me again. Finally, third rep stated that they had no way to view my data and there was no access. What good is a finite amount of data if you have no way to check it? The site is just as useless. Switched to AIO wireless where I”m paying $55 TOTAL (after taxes) and I have an app and a helpful website where I can actually track data usage on both. That additional $7 is more than worth it for decent customer service and the ability to track my data usage.

  4. Straight talk’s bandwidth cap policy is the Turkish prison of bandwidth. You get absolutely unusable bandwidth after the cap kicks in, and this is the borderline fraudulent part: There is zero transparency about how long you are capped. There is also a hidden daily cap at about 100MB. This appears nowhere in the terms & conditions. That means you can’t use up unused bandwidth near the end of a billing period. When capping ran into the next billing period, I wasn’t getting what I paid for, and there was no way to determine when I would.

    Straight Talk is deceptive and they take your money without delivering what you paid to get. The customer service is infuriatingly bad

    • chris baker

      Yup, have had straight talk for about a year. Had a cheap Android phone that worked fine. But moved to an iPhone. My service uses T-mobile. I don’t really have any complaints. No visual voicemail, but that’s no big deal for me, as I don’t get a lot of VMs.

  5. Straight Talk is terrible. You can’t buy a month for less that about $48, you have to pay tax on that purchase. You could buy from ebay and take your chances, but most of the time the Straight Talk ebay auctions are for more than the face value, weird. Plus iphones get no MMS, and lose data often, when you get carrier updates for example, and no visual voicemail.

    For $57/month you can get ATT goPhone, which has real customer service and you get 2gb. You get MMS, visual voicemail, etc. You also get faster data speeds, at least anecdotally.

    • John Selden

      I agree with spinedoc: Straight Talk may have a cheap service, but it was also a terrible service.

      It still doesn’t support MMS to iPhones (you might receive MMS from other iPhone users through iMessage thanks to Apple, but not from non-iPhone users).

      My biggest complaint was that the data connection would drop constantly. You had to re-install the APN to re-establish the connection, but that itself requires a data connection, so if you’re away from home, you’re out of luck. Terrible, unreliable.

      • I use my iPhone 5 on Straight Talk and am able to send MMS messages to any number, even outside of iMessage. I also never had to reinstall any APN for my data connection to work, Straight Talk does that for you when you switch your phone on the Bring Your Own Phone plan. And also, I have NEVER spent more than the advertised $45 a month, I buy my service cards from Walmart, so I’m not sure where that complaint came from. For the price and the service I get (which is exceptional, actually, always have 4 to 5 bars) it’s the best carrier out there.