Meet A.I. Watch: A $279 wearable Android phone for your wrist


Another smartwatch project is trying to get funded on Indiegogo and this time it’s hoping a blend of Android(s goog) and a dash of Windows Phone(s msft) are what people want. The A.I. Watch is looking to raise $100,000 by November 9, with backers of $179 or more getting a full Android phone on their wrist for $100 under the expected retail price.

ai watch call me

The device runs on Android 4.0.4, but it’s hard not to see the nod to Microsoft’s mobile platform as well: The main home screen looks just like Windows Phone, complete with rows of different sized tiles:

ai watch overview

It’s also easy to see that the A.I. Watch is filled with features and radios: It can be a used as a standalone speakerphone thanks to the micro SIM support. The device runs on an unspecified dual-core processor and has access to the Google Play store for apps. I’m not sold that traditional smartphone apps are well-suited for the small 1.54-inch color display (240 x 240 resolution) but you can see that some do work in the product demo video:

The integrated voice support can help work around some text input challenges on the small screen. But pushing a smartphone experience to the wrist — clearly the approach of the A.I. Watch — isn’t ideal. Still, for those who want an Android phone on their wrist, there’s an option out there!



The smart watch with full android system doesn’t make sense (and all those features + functionality they put into it). To be successful with customers 1) it needs to look nice and be a good useful watch i.e. waterproof touch display with customisation (different alarms to choose and simple changes of the clock look) 2) build in wi-fi, Bluetooth, GPS for connectivity and navigation instructions 3) informations – voice memos, calendar, reminders, messages, email/phone call notifications (not the ability to make phones at first and of course no keyboard to send SMS) 4) radio & music capable (4-8 GB storage available inside)

Snowball Solar System

A built-in heart-rate monitor?

I don’t recommend it for a large segment of the population who might not be able to maintain a resting pulse if an image of a youngster in a swimsuit pops up on the screen.

Christian Kepler

That is my idea of a smart watch… stand alone phone features plus email and bluetooth connectivity for car connection and tablet/desktops….

One and only question is I’ve owned 2-watch phones both broke the exact same way with breaks to the pads of the p.c.b. charger… so without either wireless charging or external flexible pins to recharge this and/or any watch phone won’t last more than 3-months tops under light usage shorter for heavy calls as it means more charging.


When I watch the video, the size of his wristwatch is gigantic. It looks very bulky and uncomfortable. Why not just carry a smartphone in your pocket?

Frank A NYC

Why do all of these “smart” watches have to look like square phones with wtach bands. Until someone comes up with a stylish device, it wont matter how many features these things have.


One feature smart watches should have is to be waterproof…
I can just imagine being caught out in the rain…..awww, the watch is destroyed….It contains so much technology yet is at risk from being wet?

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