iPhone 5s in-store pickup option returns to Apple’s online store

iPhone 5S 3 colors

Apple introduced the option to purchase an iPhone 5s with in-store pickup through its online store last Monday, only to pull the function a day later. It appears to be working again now, though in-store pickup availability is still extremely limited.

Apple lists online shipping dates for all iPhone 5s models for some point in October. A quick search around New York City showed a 16GB space gray Verizon model of the phone available from Apple’s flagship Fifth Avenue store. But gold iPhones are still nowhere to be found, at least within the tri-state area.

iPhone 5s pickup availability

Still, this could be a sign that Apple’s iPhone 5s supply is beginning to catch up to demand. But if you still can’t find the model of the phone you want directly from Apple, here’s a list of other places you can try in the meantime.

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