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Cloudera now supports Accumulo, the NSA’s take on HBase

Cloudera will be integrating with the Apache Accumulo database and, according to a press release, “devoting significant internal engineering resources to speed Accumulo’s development.” The National Security Agency created Accumulo and built in fine-grained authentication to ensure only authorized individuals could see ay given piece of data. Cloudera’s support could be bittersweet for Sqrrl, an Accumulo startup comprised of former NSA engineers and intelligence experts, which should benefit from a bigger ecosystem but whose sales might suffer if Accumulo makes its way into Cloudera’s Hadoop distribution.

3 Responses to “Cloudera now supports Accumulo, the NSA’s take on HBase”

  1. Actually, Sqrrl is excited to see Cloudera formally support Accumulo. Sqrrl develops software the sits on top of open source Accumulo. Specifically, the layer of software that Sqrrl provides makes Accumulo more analytically power, even more secure, and easier-to-use.

    • Derrick Harris

      One of my big questions about the Hadoop market in general is how the balance of open source, open core and proprietary software plays out. Cloudera putting its muscle behind Accumulo could be a boon if it makes the Apache version better, but if it’s integrated into a commercial Hadoop distro, there’s always the chance people say that version is good enough. I don’t think we quite know the answer yet. Perhaps we’ll see as the HBase and SQL-on-Hadoop markets firm up.