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Last week on Research: the complexity of the cloud and Blackberry’s last stand?

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This week, our minds are on mobile, especially as Samsung grapples with a PR mess around the alleged region-locking on its new Galaxy Note 3 phones and Blackberry continues its downward spiral following this week’s cancelled investor call. And, of course, we’re getting geared up for next month’s Mobilize conference – tickets are going fast, so make sure you register today. Meanwhile, over on GigaOM Research, our analysts have their own take on how Blackberry’s last efforts to save itself, the future for share economy startups, and more.

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Cleantech: Ride sharing scores a victory for the share economy
Adam Lesser

Analyst Adam Lesser praises the recent decision by California’s Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to set regulations on ridesharing, which legitimizes the business models (and future prospects) of companies like Uber, Lyft and Sidecar, as well as a host of other share economy startups. But Lesser also uses this news item to look at a greater issue: the taxi industry at large, and why it’s particularly susceptible to disruption. While industry regulation is often enacted to protect consumers and operators, this recent decision points to major flaws in the current system. Although the CPUC decision only affects California, it has also set a significant precent for consumers and share economy startups across the country.

Cloud: Sector RoadMap: Multicloud management in 2013
Paul Miller

In our latest Sector RoadMap, analyst Paul Miller analyzes the increasingly complex enterprise cloud landscape. As more companies adopt multicloud solutions – a combination of multiple public and private cloud instances – IT departments and executive decision-makers also face a growing set of new challenges. Miller provides an overview of the cloud market at large, acknowledging that simple instances of public and private clouds are no longer adequate for most growing enterprises. Using our Sector RoadMap methodology, he identifies and analyzes six trends that are likely to disrupt the multicloud market over the next 12-24 months, provides an overview of major providers in today’s market, and closes with a series of recommendations, industry outlooks, and key takeaways.

Mobile: Why BlackBerry should ‘license’ its OS for free
Colin Gibbs

It is hail-Mary time for Blackberry? Analyst Colin Gibbs weighs in with his thoughts on Blackberry’s latest move – or rather, the latest move on the ailing company, as a consortium of investors announced their plans for acquiring Blackberry for an estimated $4.7 billion. Gibbs offers some words of advice for the prospective new owners, noting that the mobile operating system may be the strongest asset and best prospect for breathing new life into the company and regaining some of its market share.