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The weekend review: the cloud gets complex and ride sharing gets regulated

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While our colleagues at GigaOM get geared up for next month’s Mobilize conference (Oct. 16 and 17 in San Francisco; register using your GigaOM Research discount today), the cloud continues to dominate the minds (if not hearts) of our readers at GigaOM Research. This week two of our most popular pieces of content take a look at emerging cloud-management issues for the enterprise.

First, in “Sector RoadMap: Multicloud management in 2013,” Paul Miller analyzes the increasingly complex enterprise cloud landscape. As more companies adopt multicloud solutions — a combination of multiple public and private cloud instances — IT departments and executive decision makers also face a growing set of new challenges. In our latest Sector RoadMap, Miller provides an overview of the cloud market at large, acknowledging that simple instances of public and private clouds are no longer adequate for most growing enterprises. Using our Sector RoadMap methodology, he identifies and analyzes six trends that are likely to disrupt the multicloud market over the next 12 to 24 months, provides an overview of major providers in today’s market, and closes with a series of recommendations, industry outlooks, and key takeaways.

Next, in “How dev/test in the public cloud is accelerating agile delivery,” Ryan Shriver looks at the impact of continuous delivery (a hallmark of the agile method) on the cloud, noting that “technology leaders in organizations adopting agile delivery are increasingly turning to the public cloud to solve the challenge of quickly and efficiently provisioning and managing dev/test environments.” In fact, “the 2013 State of the Cloud report confirms that dev/test is the top use for cloud users at all levels of cloud maturity.” Shriver assesses the current challenges for organizations that are not currently using dev/test and the business value for agile delivery in the public cloud, and, perhaps mot importantly, he provides a comprehensive evaluation strategy for companies that want to determine if the public cloud for dev/test environments can improve agile delivery.

Last, in “Ride sharing scores a victory for the share economy,” Adam Lesser praises the recent decision by California’s Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to set regulations on ride sharing, which legitimizes the business models (and future prospects) of companies like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar, as well as a host of other share economy startups. But Lesser also uses this news to look at a greater issue: the taxi industry at large and why it’s particularly susceptible to disruption. While industry regulation is often enacted to protect consumers and operators, this recent decision points to major flaws in the current system. Although the CPUC decision only affects California, it sets a significant precent for consumers and share economy startups across the country.

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