7 stories to read this weekend


It has been three weeks since I sent one of these emails — I was traveling and frankly was preoccupied with personal matters to spend a lot of time searching and reading. Nevertheless, I am back and here are some fantastic pieces for you to read this weekend.

  • Mo Town is a fantastic tribute to Mariano Rivera (perhaps one of the best pitchers in baseball) by New Yorker’s Roger Angell. [Bonus link: a personal reflection on Mo by Semil Shah, that is wonderful and poetic.)
  • Lost to the ages — Myst: I am still amazed how much they got done despite the puny nature of computers at that time. Emily Yoshida turns back the clock for Grantland.
  • Sea Change: Oysters dying as coast is hit hard: a story about the crisis faced by Pacific Northwest’s oyster industry because of climate change. It foretells the tough times ahead.
  • Meet the Flexians :  a new type of professional who influences government, media and business. Pacific Standard’s Lisa Margonelli writes a great piece on why this class is dangerous for our future.
  • Snap Challenge: Panera Bread founder and chairman Ron Shaich tries go live like an average person, only to discover that less money translates into bad eating choices.
  • CrossFit’s dirty little secret, according to Eric Robertson, professor of physical therapy at Regis University.
  • Roads and Kingdoms: the origins of the online journalism and travel magazine, an essay by Nathan Thornburgh.


Michael Rolph

Hey Om, great to see Roads and Kingdoms pop up in your stream. Nathan is fearless, hilarious and wise; I second the recommendation.

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