“Ok, Glass: Bring me third party apps in October.”

As Google(s goog) Glass takes to the road to show off the product, it could soon gain the ability for third-party application installations. Google(s goog) updates the Glass software monthly and Geek.com’s Russell Holly says the October upgrade will bring support for Glassware apps.

If Holly’s sources are correct, this would be the most significant software update yet for Google Glass thanks to developers gaining the ability to tap deeper into the device hardware via Glassware instead of using Google’s Mirror API:

“In true Google fashion, developers have been making the trek to Mountain View, signing NDAs, and been given space in the Googleplex to work with the Glass team so that their newly built Glassware apps will be available at launch.

Multiple sources have now confirmed to Geek.com that the update offers developers access to the sensors in Glass for use in motion tracking and development. Developers will also be able to create their own voice commands through Glassware, giving the user the ability to launch the app from the “OK Glass” menu if they so choose.”

I’ve been able to use Google Glass for a limited time lately and it’s already clear to me that the device needs more than the current base of features to build appeal from mainstream consumers. Yes, it’s super easy to take and share photos, receive Google Now updates or breaking news bits, and manage email or take phone calls on Glass today. After those features, however, the options are limited. Here’s a screencap of the currently available services that work with Glass:

myglass apps

While I don’t expect (or need) hundreds of thousands of apps on Google Glass, the real potential of the device lies with third-party developers. And it sounds like we’ll start to see what they have to offer next month.